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What It's About


From the best brightening skincare to our top iridescent makeup picks, we’ve tested it all—and now we’ve curated a selection of products from Nordstrom that earn our stamp of approval (over 200 of them, in fact). They’re all here for you to swatch, try on, and use in the Lab. Experimenting (and sampling) highly encouraged.



No lab would be complete without the latest technological advances. Refresh your face with a quick microcurrent treatment or try another one of the latest skin tools and beauty gadgets. Be sure to stick around for surprise gifting that could happen at any moment.



Meet the masters you love on social media (Hi, Jen Atkin!) and follow along with pros like Joanna Vargas and Nam Vo to learn the looks, tricks, and techniques you see on your favorite celebrities.


Holiday Beauty, Simplified: Fun, Festive Looks With Tobi Henney


Sat, December 2 AT 7P3M



NEW YORK, NY 10013

The holidays are the best excuse to have fun with makeup. During this busy season, we know you’ll inevitably be rushing from the office to a seasonal soirée. Follow along as makeup artist Tobi Henney shows you how to get fresh, glowy skin and party-ready eyes this holiday season using just a few key products. She'll show you how to revamp your look in ways that are festive, fun, flattering, and never clichéd.

Dec 1.png

From Lips to Lids: Makeup Tricks to Enhance Your Best Features With Erin Stein





NEW YORK, NY 10013

Not sure exactly how to get the flick of your cat eye quite right? Is your lip liner always going slightly awry? Let makeup artist Erin Stein of Charlotte Tilbury clue you in on the expert tricks for catering to your features. You’ll learn how to play up your eyes, lips, and cheeks the way a makeup artist would.

Dec 3.png

How to Transition to a Natural (Yet Active) Skincare Routine With Indie Lee


WeD, December 6 AT 7PM



NEW YORK, NY 10013

Still think natural ingredients just aren’t as effective? Indie Lee made the switch and then launched her own product line almost 10 years ago—and for a very good reason. In this class, you’ll find out why, plus how to sort the fluff from the potent, proven, and powerful. She’ll guide you through the need-to-knows of going non-toxic.

Dec 6.png

Non-Braided Hairstyles That Look Just as Cool as the Real Thing With Sunnie Brook


THU, December 7 AT 7PM



NEW YORK, NY 10013

You don’t actually have to be a pro braider to create the styles that YouTube tutorial dreams are made of. Celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook is known for undone texture and beautiful braids, twists, and knots ( à la Devon Windsor and Allison Williams). She’ll show us how even the braid-challenged can get in on the fun with faux French braids, graphics ponytails, and more.

Dec 2.png

Pre-Event Skincare: Give Yourself the Red Carpet Treatment at Home With Joanna Vargas


FrI, December 8 AT 6PM



NEW YORK, NY 10013

There’s not a celebrity in Hollywood who hasn’t stopped in to see esthetician Joanna Vargas before a red carpet appearance (just check out her Instagram for proof). She can lift, plump, tighten, and firm like no other. In this masterclass, she’s spilling her trade secrets and signature techniques that deliver results.

Dec 8.png

Fireside Chat With Carisa Janes: How Hourglass Became a Cult-Favorite Cosmetics Brand


Sat, December 9 AT 7PM



NEW YORK, NY 10013

Perhaps the mother of modern luxury when it comes to cosmetics, Carisa Janes, Hourglass Cosmetics founder and CEO, shares how she got started in beauty and how she turned her passion into the innovative and acclaimed Hourglass Cosmetics. You'll even hear the real scoop behind Ambient Lighting Powder. If you love beauty, you won’t want to miss her inspiring story.

Dec 7.png

How to Get the Glow With Nam Vo


Sun, December 10 AT 5PM



NEW YORK, NY 10013

Learn everything you need to know about creating the luminous skin Nam Vo is famous for. Vo’s makeup philosophy is based on creating light and dimension on the face through strategic highlighting and sculpting. She will share her tips and tricks to layering products on all skin types and face shapes to achieve the maximum #NamVoGlow.

Group Copy 2.png

Glossy Makeup: From Skin to Eyes to Lips, How to Wear It in Real Life With Katie Jane Hughes


Wed, December 13 AT 7PM



NEW YORK, NY 10013

You’ve seen her dewy skin and glimmering eye tutorials on Instagram. Now, get the real deal as the self-proclaimed “lover of glossy eyelids,” Katie Jane Hughes, shows us how to play with different makeup textures.

Dec 13.png

Meet & Greet and Q&A With Jen Atkin


ThU, December 14 AT 2PM



NEW YORK, NY 10013

The woman behind the gorgeous manes of virtually every celebrity needs no introduction. Stop by to spend some quality time with hairstylist Jen Atkin, snap a photo together, and get all your most puzzling hair questions answered.  

Group Copy 10.png

How to Find Your Signature Scent or Layer Fragrances to Create Your Own


FRI, December 15 AT 6PM



NEW YORK, NY 10013

Whether you’re a fragrance aficionado or simply looking to find your signature scent, Gerard Camme, president and partner at Atelier Cologne, is here to help. He’ll guide you through the different accords, materials, and personalities of scents.

Dec 15.png